Fuel: Authentic Life with God

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Fuel: Authentic Life with God

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Whatever powers our days. We draw energy here. It is what burns within or burns us out. In effort to draw near to Jesus, we gather resources and habits to lay the foundation of what we hope will be a blazing, Spirit-sustained life of faith. 


Join us on April 29 for a day to discern the foundations of the fire God would like to build in your soul —ready to be ignited for glory.  You may find some things you are used to will burn away, while other practices may kindle the fire of God within.  


Together, we will explore a unique experience deconstructing the development of photographic images. No experience necessary (preferred actually…it energizes the contemplative adventure). Or, if you prefer, you may bring your own supplies and apply the same exercises to your creative medium.


Both options include a continental breakfast, group teaching time, discussion, soul care exercises, lunch and creative space. 


We are excited to help you discover what fuels your authentic life of faith! 


Project Medium: Deconstructive development of photographic image. Artist, Carin Huebner describes this process: "Photography is a part of our every-second life: we engage images from almost every viewpoint in our modern world, we also use the little built-in camera on our mobile devices probably more than we would admit.  At the end of the day, however, you’ll have a different relationship to- and idea of what photography can be as well as how the medium can lend so easily to expression.  Our artistic practice will reflect on the deconstructive and constructive ideas of fuel in our lives.  The practices will offer a hands-on opportunity to deconstruct an art object and refine it toward a new type of beauty and function.  We’ll be using a method called a polaroid lift or an emulsion lift to challenge the borders of the photographic material and methods and create an emotive space that is wholly our own.  By dissecting the photograph, we’ll free it to be something else entirely.  Expect to be guided step-by-step through this alternative photographic process accompanied by ample time to freely adapt and manipulate your resulting image with or without guidance. "

Cost: $125

Time: 9am-4pm (come a bit early to grab some coffee and get situated)

Location: 3198 E. Belleview Ave. (SW corner of E. Belleview & S. Steele Street—enter on S.  Steele)


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