Finding Peace: Grateful living here and now

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Finding Peace: Grateful living here and now



It is foundational fuel for the fire of peace and overall wellness in our lives. It reminds us to be present. Really...think about it. With all the distractions and destruction in life, it helps to notice the truth, beauty and goodness that is all about us.  It is so simple that we almost forget. Kind of like the clouds floating by overhead.

Grateful living leads us back to peace, and peace restores and refuels us for what we are called to everyday.

On Saturday, October 14, we hope you will join us for a day of creative learning, noticing and soul-filling experience. Building on these concepts we will engage with Scripture, neuroscience, reflection, community, and creative play.

Price includes a continental breakfast, group teaching time, discussion, soul care exercises, lunch and creative space. 

Here and now: discover the peace and power of a grateful life.

Project Medium:

Creating with soft pastels. A Colorado artist with a midwestern heart, Sue Shehan will build on the one of the fruits of gratitude‑leading us in a creative experience of peace. Her signature cloudscapes capture it well. Clouds are etherial, powerful and yet simple nature.

As a medium, Sue describes pastel “like fingerpainting”. Its freeing and peaceful nature will provide the space you need. If you're just exploring pastel (or need a refresher), you will learn about their characteristics, as well as some basic aspects of drawing and composition. Sue will offer tips for how to engage this beautiful and forgiving medium—all the while, encouraging you to breathe-in what is at work within our souls. Step-by-step instruction will be offered if you want it, or you’re welcome to “skydive” into the creative process on your own and seek whatever direction you desire.

A special interview with neurotheologian, Dr. Jim Wilder, will help to strengthen your creative muscles, and make the most of our time together. Come and discover...

  • Just how do you capture a cloud?
  • What does gratitude do to our bodies and minds?
  • Most importantly, how does a gratitude build deeply authentic community? 

Join us.

Cost: $125

Time: 9am-4pm (come a bit early to grab some coffee and get situated)

Location: 3198 E. Belleview Ave. (SW corner of E. Belleview & S. Steele Street—enter on S.  Steele)

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