Amy Howey Pierson, founder

My name is Amy.

I am a firm believer that …

…creativity cracks open the soul

…each and every one of us is God’s favorite

…living artfully is living authentically

…good hearts sometimes have short attention spans

I am the wife of a handsome soul, and mom of two grown warrior women and their ridiculous-but-sincere puppy brother. Collaborating to create with others, Burning Heart Workshops was borne out of my life-long journey with faith, learning, and leadership. Along the way, I have been shaped by hundreds of conversations with like-minded hearts.

Over the last ten years, I have worked in the spiritual formation arena, leading the efforts of the Spiritual Formation Alliance, and completing my Certificate of Christian Spiritual Formation from the Renovare Institute. I've also served as a digital content creator for a new platform that champions organizations transforming lives. I learned a lot about how people learn and engage in our "noisy" world.   Once upon a time, I earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Advertising from the University of Colorado, Boulder. At my core, I love to gather people and help them pay attention to what God is creatively up to in their lives. In addition to what you'll find here, I currently work as a freelance writer and event developer.

EMAIL: Connect@BurningHeartWorkshops.com


Kristi Johnson

Hi, I'm Kristi.

I'm slightly obsessed with clean refrigerators. It has somehow become a metaphor for my belief in the importance of having things cleaned out in our inner lives so that we can become the people God intends us to become. 

Deeply listening to people's stories fills my soul and is one of the most rewarding aspects of the work I do. I have been a social worker for 23 years in private practice and in hospice care. I am currently being trained as a spiritual director and feel I have found my true vocation. 

My desire is to see souls restored & set free through creativity, spiritual direction and retreats. Photography lights me up, dancing brings me immense joy, hiking connects me with God and nature and my family and friends provide me a safe place to land. 


Jim WILDER headshot.jpg

Jim wilder

Dr. Jim Wilder is frequent special guest and a program content advisor for Burning Heart Workshops.

He is a neurotheologian with special interest and skill in areas of attachment repair, trauma recovery, relational brain skills, emotional/spiritual maturity, spiritual interventions, men’s development, community restoration, and cross-cultural applications.

With clinical counseling and executive experience, Jim is a licensed psychologist and ordained minister. His educational background includes:

Fuller Seminary Graduate School of Psychology-  Ph.D., Clinical Psychology

Fuller Theological Seminary-  M.A., Theology

Bemidji State University- B.A., Cum Laude, Psychology (Religious Studies Minor)

Oak Hills Bible Institute- Bible Coursework


Among numerous books and articles, Dr. Wilder has written:

Joy Starts Here

R.A.R.E Leadership

Immanuel Healing and the Life Model


We are honored to have his participation and guidance.


Christa macfarlane

Painting grasses, seeds, pods, and weeds is what grounds me. I’m drawn to place these ordinary yet overlooked elements in nature into the spotlight and tell their story. Producing my own artwork with meaning connects me to our natural world and strengthens my faith. Inspiring others through the creative process brings me joy!

 I’ve been an artist for life and an art teacher for more than 15 years. As a native Kansas gal, I’ve obtained my BFA degree majoring in design at the University of Kansas. Currently, I am a professional artist and lead artistic workshops throughout the Denver area. A life without the ability to express myself through the arts is not an option; it’s a must. I am continually reminded to abandon fear, to live, to love and to be who God created me to be by pursuing what I am passionate about__ making art and walking alongside others as they experience the creative process.

I believe that we all have an innate desire to be creative in some way and to connect with others, our natural world and a higher calling. Therefor, “Create and Connect” is my motto. Encouraging others to connect with their body, mind and spirit as I lead them through the creative process is my passion. We focus on being present amongst others, learning something new and discovering our own creative spirit.

Powerful things can happen when people gather to create and connect__at the very least, there is a lot of fun to be had! I hope you can join me in discovering your creative spirit that is a unique and beautiful part of you!


Nancy Buschart headshot.jpg

Nancy Buschart

I am Nancy. I am a Spiritual Director and founder of SoulCare Companions, LLC.

I love dirt under my fingernails and the feel of moist soil in my hands. Planting something makes my soul leap with joy and anticipation.

I like to walk slowly and I love the number 'three':

.   I like to cook with the trinity of onions, peppers,  and tomatoes.

.   My soul needs equal parts of internal and external Stillness, Silence, and Solitude.

.   The three Ls that order my days are deep Listening, always Learning, and compassionately Loving.

.   I cherish the privilege to Pray About, to Pray For, and to Pray With.

.   I believe God takes great delight in our Confession and Repentance, and rejoices in bringing us Reconciliation with Himself, with ourselves, and with others.

.   Remembering, rehearsing and creatively telling our ongoing, Unfinished Stories of fresh encounters with Jesus' love is the hope of the church.

.   Mostly, I am utterly lost without the love of the Father, the saving grace of Jesus the Son, and the enabling companionship of the Spirit.


Carin huebner

Hi. I am Carin, a Denver-based Spiritual Director interested in intersections between creative processes and the Christian formational journey.  I have Master of Arts in Christian Formation and Soul Care from Denver Seminary (2015) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Art Photography from Corcoran College of Art + Design in Washington, DC (2012).  In a nutshell, I am passionate about God’s continual creation in His people through transformation and how creative processes allow them to see God’s work in their lives.  

Artistically, I create conceptual photographs through a process of degradation in order to beg questions beyond the identifiable.  Through experimentation and discovery, I deconstructs the photographic material’s original intent to create other-worldly landscapes beyond objectivity.  Color and texture evoke emotional interpretation making the photograph no longer the provider of information, but the reflection of the viewer’s emotion and life experience.  I believe spaces my art creates whisper of a world beyond this physical space, and hope for the transformation of one’s self required to access such a world in fuller senses.


Debra komodore

I am Debra.

I like the wind in my hair and the breath of creativity in my lungs. Whether you see me on my little red scooter, on a horse or waterskiing, just know: I love that "go-fast" feeling. Being outdoors and active provides me with the fodder my spirit needs.

Believing creative expression is an integral part of how we are made gave purpose to my years as a teacher at Metropolitan State University/Denver, and lent itself to the development of a creative curriculum for my Sunday school class. Seeing God at work in people's lives—to be able to come alongside and nurture that—energizes me. In my own life and for others close to me, art has emerged as a powerful tool for physical, spiritual and emotional healing...another part of this exciting journey. I love seeing souls unleashed!

Married to a full time classical guitarist for the past 30 years, we have managed to raise our three kids (a son and two daughters) in a creative and adventurous home. At least in part, that is why I live with a deep sense of provision and gratitude. 

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