Amy Pierson - Writing Portfolio

The following collection is a sample of my work from a variety of media. Represented you will find website and digital copy, ghostwriting projects, magazine articles, ad copy, event and fundraising materials, brochures, and blog entries. Tone and tenor reflect a wide variety of prospective readers and causes. I hope you find yourself reflected in a piece or two!


Burning Heart Workshops

Creative content producer, copywriter, and workshop producer for ministry website.


STIR: Spiritual Transformation in Relationships

Nonfiction writing for 6-DVD video curriculum and workbook designed to foster the essential component of authentic relationship-building within small group ministry. Created by Mindy Caliguire and the Willow Creek Association, material features the teaching of John Ortberg, Bill Donahue, Henry Cloud, Heather Zempel, and Russ Robinson.

What If.png

"What If?" Ministry brochure

Copywriting for piece describing Spiritual Formation Alliance’s ministry to women in church and parachurch leadership.


K-Life Teen Ministry Fundraising Banquet materials

Copywriting and event design for annual fundraising banquet.


Personal Blog

Adventures Awake: A pithy little blog encouraging creative adventures of the Christian Spirit

Creative writing describing personal reflections for digital audience following Awake Creative Retreat.


“Burning Within: Artfully Living with Jesus”

Conversations Journal article describing the author's faith journey and the important role creativity has played in her Christian spiritual transformation.

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Spiritual Formation Alliance fundraising brochure

Copywriting to explain Christian spiritual formation as well as the organizational mission, vision, action, and opportunities of the Spiritual Formation Alliance.

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"Breathe" day retreat brochure

Copywriting and experiential exercises for Spiritual Formation Alliance guided solitude retreat. 

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“Make Art History” Cherry Creek Arts Festival Donor appeal

Award-winning concept and copywriting for the inaugural summer Denver art event.

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Madness: A story of transformation, miracles and the leadership that inspired it

Nonfiction writing for Jossy Chacko, founder of Empart—a global church-planting ministry to unreached and marginalized people of Asia. Work featured as part of Jossy’s keynote address to The 2016 Global Leadership Summit in Chicago, IL.

Event Materials.png

Renovation of the Church event materials

Copywriting and event production for regional leadership events in Rocky Mountain/Denver, Western/Sacramento, Southern California/San Diego, and Midwest/Milwaukee. Events showcased the work of Kent Carlson and Mike Leuken in their book Renovation of the Church and were designed to inform, encourage and empower leaders and their congregations on personal spiritual formation journies.

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"Worship" day retreat brochure

Copywriting and experiential exercises for Spiritual Formation Alliance guided worship retreat. 

Get the Lead Out.jpg

“Get The Lead Out” Promotional mailer

Concept and copywriting for agency Public Relations/Sponsorship services promotional piece. 

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