Creativity speaks.

Your soul knows.

At Burning Heart Workshops we believe that all people are creative; we each have a purpose that "fires us up".  Whether you think of yourself as artistic or not, your soul knows. It's there that you sense God's pleasure and leading most vividly. And, it's there that you may experience the richness, healing and whole-life integration of a with-God life.

Our teachers, artists, and trained soul care facilitators are on a mission to help you unleash the strength that is already in you—heart, soul, and mind. Putting your burning heart to work in full-day experiences and onsite retreats, we will help you harness what the Spirit of God is up to in your life. Our calling is to spark a fire in people like you who love Jesus but long for more ways—old and new—of connecting with him.  

Imagine people together…creating…listening…activating around the beauty of purpose. Can you see it?

Burning-hearted people long to live this way and want to share the journey. We welcome makers, dreamers, and other collaborative spirits of all levels to join us for the adventure. Left and right brains unite!

Engaging your unique form of creating may be just what you need to build bridges between what you know and who you are. As we join together, we desire to work ideas and theories of faith into the fiber of our beings. Burning Heart Workshops are intentionally designed with space to listen, see, taste, smell, touch, rest, play…and be restored. Gathering around a variety of messages, we carefully balance your time between exceptional teaching, soul-full practice, and creative expression.

Breathe. Learn. Practice. Experience. Create. Play. Celebrate. (Repeat).

We look forward to saving you a place at the table. 


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